Volunteer Services

Volunteers are a vital part of the Cary Medical Center family. This special group of people gives freely of their time and talents to provide services that significantly add to our overall quality of healthcare. At Cary Medical Center, we have over 60 active volunteers who help patients and their families, visitors, staff, and our community by performing tasks that complement or enhance existing services. Nearly every department is assisted in some way by at least one volunteer. Additionally, volunteers play an important role in many of our community events and special projects. We are so proud of our volunteers and their many contributions that help make Cary Medical Center an award winning healthcare organization.

Would you like to join our volunteer team? Just give us a call at 498-1380. Whether you're interested in a regularly scheduled position or on an as-needed basis, we'd love to hear from you about volunteering at Cary Medical Center.

In addition to the personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that many of our volunteers have expressed the feel, there are several other benefits to volunteering at Cary Medical Center. These benefits include free lunch in our cafeteria while on duty, free flu shots and TB screenings, in-service educations programs, participation in staff events and actives, and numerous socialization opportunities.

Hours of Service
Our Volunteer Service manager is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 Am to 12 noon. The majority of our volunteers work during normal business hours; some volunteers work at special events on weekends and evenings.

Services provided
Our volunteers provide services at Cary Medical Center that include

  • Greeting and escorting patients and visitors at the customer service desk
  • Assembling patient charts
  • Administrative/clerical support (phone coverage, filing, etc.)
  • Staffing the hospital gift shop
  • Delivering department mail and patient greeting cards
  • Assisting with special events, such as blood drives, health cfairs, etc.
  • Preparing bulk mailings
  • Support services in clinical and non-clinical areas

The Volunteer Service office is located at the end of the main hospital hallway in the Human Resources office. If you need assistance or are unfamiliar with our facility, one of our customer service volunteers would be happy to escort you to the department.