Social Services

At Cary Medical Center, we have a team of healthcare specialist entirely dedicated to making sure our patients get the services they need when they need them. Our Social Services team, which includes experts in the field of social work, case management, quality management, and discharge planning, to help patients and their families navigate an often complex healthcare system. Because patients very often require multiple services, our Social Services team is experienced in linking together a variety of healthcare resources to make the patient's care as seamless and efficient as possible.

Hours of Service
Our Social Services team is dedicated to helping patients and their families manage all aspects of physical, emotional, social, and financial health. These professionals play a key role in communicating critical information about health services between the patient, their family, hospital staff, physicians, and other medical providers. Their services include:

Case Management- When an illness or injury requires hospitalization; it can be very overwhelming and confusing for the patient and their family. To help ease the anxiety and to ensure that the patient's needs are met, our case managers help sort through the options and resources. This may include coordinating nursing home choices, end-of-life care, mental health services, financial resources and legal medical documentations such as living wills.

Quality Management- Our social services team monitors the delivery of hospital services to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided. This includes gathering and interpreting data to track healthcare trends, reporting on quality measures, identifying areas for improvement, and leading the quality management committee.

Discharge Planning- When our patients are ready to leave the hospital, our social services team will help the transition back to home and community go as smoothly as possible. Our comprehensive discharge planning includes evaluating and arranging post-hospital services, such as musing care, therapy, and assisted living, back on the physical, social, and financial needs of the patient and their family.

From the hospital's main entrance, the Social Services office is located near the Acute Care Unit approximately half-way down the main hallway on the right.  If you require assistance of are unfamiliar with our facility, our customer service volunteers would be happy to escort you to the department.