Maternal and Child Health

Cary Medical Center’s Maternal and Child Health Unit has a nursery and nine private rooms, including two birthing rooms and two postpartum suites, one with a full-sized bed and the other with a queen-sized bed. One birthing room is equipped with a whirlpool tub for both laboring and birthing. The postpartum suites can be used for home-like birth, in a more comforting environment. Our maternal and child health team consists of physicians, certified nurse midwives, registered nurses, licensed professional nurses, certified childbirth educators, certified lactation counselors, and certified car seat technicians. This team specializes in the care of pregnant women and newborns. With private home-like birthing suites, families who choose Cary Medical Center for the delivery of their baby have the opportunity to experience an intimate, comfortable birthing environment while having the reassurance of highly-skilled medical professionals and hospital services readily available. The entire unit is locked with badge-access to ensure the safety of our newborns and their families.
Our maternal/child health team has an outstanding reputation for providing compassionate care that meets the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of our patients.  In fact, our team was awarded the Women’s Choice Award for being one of the Best Hospitals for Patient Experience in Obstetrics from Women Certified.

Hours of Service
Cary Medical Center’s Maternal and Child Health Unit has 24-hour nursing and physician coverage. Additionally, several medical specialists are on-call 24-hours every day in case the patient requires other specialty services.
At Cary Medical Center, we understand that a baby’s birth is a miracle that friends and family want to celebrate with new parents. For this reason, we offer generous visiting hours from 10:00 AM through 8:00 PM every day, as well as extended hours and overnight accommodations for new dad and siblings. New parents are encouraged to room-in with their new baby to promote bonding. For the safety of our newborns and their families, all visitors must be admitted to the unit by a member of our Maternal and Child Health team.

Services Provided
A baby’s birth is an exciting and intimate event for the whole family. To help ease anxiety and enhance the entire birthing experience, our maternal and child health team offers several services, including:

  • Family-Centered Care
  • Rooming- In
  • 2 large beds to accommodate Dad while rooming-in with Mom and baby
  • Whirlpool baths for laboring moms
  • Private showers in all rooms
  • The only hospital in Aroostook County that performs water births
  • Home-like births
  • Aromatherapy
  • Advanced pain control techniques during labor, including intrathecal and epidural analgesia
  • Advanced non-pharmacologic relaxation techniques, including aromatherapy, breathing, massage, music, and movement
  • Complementary meals for rooming-in dads
  • Lactation counseling and on-going breastfeeding support
  • Free bi-monthly Childbirth Education Classes
  • Free monthly Car Seat Classes
  • Free home visit  after discharge by a Certified Lactation Counselor/RN
  • Free referrals to Healthy Families and Public Health Nursing
  • Newborn hearing screens
  • Noninvasive bilirubin screening

The Maternal and Child Health Unit at Cary Medical Center is located to the right at the end of the main hallway. Please note that access to this area is restricted; entrance requires registering at the unit’s nursing station. If you need assistance or are unfamiliar with our facility, our customer service volunteers would be happy to escort you to the department.