Intensive Care

Cary Medical Center is located more than 200 miles from the nearest tertiary care facility.  The hospital is often called upon to manage critically ill patients, trauma patients, and complex surgical patients.  In order to successfully manage these patients the hospital must maintain a highly specialized staffed and equipped Intensive Care Unit.  This unit provides for the needs of all critically ill patients as well as those that need close monitoring temporarily after surgery.  The nursing staff is highly trained in intensive care nursing and many are nationally certified in critical care.  The unit is designed so that all the patient rooms are close to the nursing station.  You will see equipment in the rooms which is used to continuously monitor the patient.  Family support for the patient is encouraged.  A family waiting room is nearby and a special apartment, the ‘Hayward Suite' is available for families who come from some distance to attend to a critically ill loved one.   We are very proud of the quality care we provide in the Intensive Care Unit.