Our housekeeping team plays a critical role in the overall quality of healthcare services that are provided at Cary Medical Center.  Their dedication to excellence ensures a safe environment and contributes to the overall comfort of our patients, visitors, and staff at all of our facilities.    

Hours of Service
Cary Medical Center's housekeeping team provides services 24-hours every day of the year.  Patient rooms are cleaned daily during daytime hours when it is convenient for the patient.  Offices and other common areas are generally cleaned in the evening. 

Services provided
One of the primary goals of the housekeeping team is to prevent the spread of infections.  This is accomplished with thorough cleaning regimens that meet or exceed strict national standards.  Our housekeeping team is specially trained to handle and properly dispose of biohazardous materials and to disinfect clinical and patient rooms to create a sterile, safe environment.  Other responsibilities of the housekeeping team is to routinely clean offices, waiting areas, hallways, restrooms, and all other public areas to create a comfortable environment free from pollutants, dirt, and trash.