Health Information Services

Cary Medical Center's Health Information Services is the hospital's information bank.  In this department, all patients' records are compiled and stored in a combination of electronic and paper formats.  A patient's medical record includes their demographic information, a detailed description of any services that were provided on an in- or outpatient basis, medical test results, a list of medications taken by or prescribed to the patient, family health history, immunization records, and advanced directives (living wills). 

The information contained in a medical record helps the healthcare provider to appropriately plan the patient's care.  It also protects the legal interests of the patient and the provider by serving as an accurate, complete documentation of communication between those giving and those receiving services.  Additionally, with the patient's permission, the record may be shared with other healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care when the patient requires services at other healthcare facilities.

In addition to handling medical records, the Health Information Services team includes coding and transcription specialists.  These professionals are responsible for compiling statistical data for charting (coding) and documenting healthcare providers' notes in a consistent format (transcription).

Hours of Service
The Health Information Services department is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Medical Records can be obtained after regular business hours for emergency patients.  If you require copies of any portion of your medical record, we recommend calling 24-hours in advance; this increases to a 7-day advanced notice for records dating back three or more years (these records are archived and require additional time to access). 

Services provided
The Health Information Services team would be happy to assist you in reviewing or obtaining copies of your medical record.  Please note that the confidentiality of your health information is our top priority.  That is why we adhere to very strict federal patient privacy laws known as the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  Before we release any of your medical information to you, we will require you to sign a release form.  There are additional consent requirements for requests of information regarding spouses, children, parents, or others you may be responsible for.  Our Health Information Services team will gladly explain these requirements to you.  Please call us at 498-1117 for additional information or to arrange an appointment with one of our health information specialists.

The Health Information Services department is located almost directly across from the Customer Service Desk in the main lobby at Cary Medical Center.  If you require assistance or are unfamiliar with our facility, our customer service volunteers would be happy to escort you to the department.