When a patient is admitted to Cary Medical Center for an inpatient stay, our Admissions team is responsible for gathering important information that will help our providers deliver the best care possible.  This information includes the patient's demographics, their list of medications, allergies, emergency contact(s), physician orders, and insurance/billing information.  The Admissions team organizes this information and enters it into an electronic database; the information becomes part of the patient's permanent medical record, which is accessible only to healthcare professionals directly involved in the patient's care.

Hours of Service
Our Admissions services are available 24-hours every day.  

Services provided
Upon admission to Cary Medical Center, a member from our Admissions team will explain the admission process and complete the necessary paperwork based on information that the patient or their loved one provides and from the physician's orders.  After the paperwork is completed and the consent forms have been signed, they will provide the patient with a wrist identification bracelet to be worn throughout the entire  inpatient stay.  This wristband is coded with specific information about the patient and their health; the nursing staff will periodically scan the wristband to verify the patient's identity and ensure that they are receiving the correct medications.  (For more information about our medication bar coding system, click here.)

For more information about our admissions process, including what to bring to the hospital, our Be Our Guest program, and discharge planning, click here.

The Admissions Department is located near the hospital's main entrance.  If you need assistance or are unfamiliar with our facility, one of our customer service volunteers would be happy to assist you.