Cary Medical Center has joined other leading hospitals in the State of Maine including Maine Medical Center and Eastern Maine Medical Center as a participating hospital in HealthInfoNet.  HealthInfoNet is a statewide system for physicians and other caregivers to share important patient health care information to improve the safety and quality of your care.   Now should you require medical treatment almost anywhere in Maine, the hospital providing you care will have virtually instant access to critical information that could save your life.  This information may include any allergies you may have to specific drugs, special medical conditions, prior hospitalizations, your medications, and the like. Soon all hospitals in Maine and in the future all physicians offices and other healthcare providers will have similar access to this vital information. HealthInfoNet is just another part of our ongoing effort at Cary Medical Center to provide our patients with the most advanced medical care possible even when working with other healthcare providers.  While this important advance in medical technology has great potential benefit you may choose to ‘opt-out’ of the program.  You can learn more about HealthInfoNet and the ‘opt-out’ option by visiting: